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You are here as pure positive energy. Your focus determines your results.

Your intention creates your journey. You cannot go back. You know too much.

You are here as pure positive energy. Your focus determines your results.

Staying in constant acknowledgment of the vibrational  upgrade that is here and is always expanding following your entheogenic journey illuminates the benefits of your mind-altering experience. Ayuhuasca/DMT, psilocybin, MDMA, LSD, peyote/mescaline, ketamine, microdosing, etc. are vehicles for ReCreation, clarity, expansion, and relief from anxiety, depression, and trauma, often associated with PTSD and life-threatening illness. (see link to clinical trials below) My participation in the Johns Hopkins psilocybin cancer study was the catalyst to my recovery and transformation, and together you and I merge the awareness you received through your journey with a solid study and crystal clear understanding of the power of thought and focus.  As your Life Coach I can help you decide how you will participate in your life. Will you live your life by design or continue to live by default? With the guidance of a structure of support we will navigate the downloads plant medicine and psychedelics continue to provide, well beyond your trip, to amplify your transformation. What would you love in your life? What will you do with the insight you've received? What's next? What if it were easy? An intentional psychedelic experience is your step to a fuller, more expansive life and your thoughts and feelings can bring you to clarify and explore new dreams for the new you.  


Professionalism and Experience

Your intention creates your journey. You cannot go back. You know too much.

You are here as pure positive energy. Your focus determines your results.

A master bodyworker and teacher for over 35 years with a Masters in Education, an experienced Transformational Life Coach, mentored by Mary Morrissey and Certified by the Life Mastery Institute, and Rebirther trained in Conscious Breathwork since 1989, I have the tools and understanding to help you change your perception of life, raise your vibration and live life in alignment with your truest self to manifest everything you want.  As a speaker and trainer, I have offered transformational workshops to organizations around the country.  I have worked with organizations and individuals - transforming trauma, transforming limited beliefs - to help release  identities that no longer serve, to build dreams, accelerate results, and create richer, fuller lives. 


Your intention creates your journey. You cannot go back. You know too much.

Your intention creates your journey. You cannot go back. You know too much.

Your intention creates your journey. You cannot go back. You know too much.

Most people live a conditional life and look for a remedy in the conditions. That's where most medications, therapy, and rules come from. You can tell by the way you feel what you have been  vibrating to the Universe.   NOW what story would you like to tell? If you have been explaining or defending all that you have lived to justify your struggle you have been living a conditional life.  You were meant for greatness and you have already boldly stepped outside your comfort zone - you have found your way here by following your inner guidance.  Once you discover the power of intention, life changes in powerful ways.  Plant medicine, psychedelics, and non-ordinary states of consciousness have been scientifically studied and their  ability to forge improved neural pathways and spiritual connection has been proven.  With less resistance and new clarity through Universal Intelligence your vibration amplifies. As you learn to co-create through vibration, life transforms and aligns with Infinite Intelligence. As your Life Coach I will provide you with a proven system for results. You will experience accountability, understanding, and support while accomplishing lasting change in the direction of your dream. Whether it's a new job, a new or improved relationship, time and money freedom, healing and recreating yourself,  a release of old patterns - ANYTHING you desire -  your journey is the inspiration. 

Spiritual Emergence - seeds planted

See where I've been and join me now, wherever you are on your journey.






We’ve heard from the researchers but what have we heard from the Psilocybin Study participants?

We’re taking the eyeshades off for the Psilocybin Summit! 


What was it like to be scrutinized and evaluated in the name of science; in the emotion of despair, with desire for spiritual wisdom? What was it like to make the cut? 

How legends are made: our experiences with Roland Griffiths, Mary Cosimano, Marilyn Clark, Albert Garcia-Romeu, Matt Johnson, Bill Richards, Nathan Sapuda and the others.

Now that time has passed, what from this groundbreaking and life-changing experience remains with us?

What is the Integration experience at JHU? 

How do we continue to integrate psychedelics into our transformation?

What is next for psilocybin? What’s next for the other psychedelics? 

And what’s next as medicalization moves forward even as we champion access and decriminalization?

This panel features Baltimore Psychedelic Society members Joelle Dodson Bitoun - smoking cessation study, Mark Huslage - spirituality study, Aaron Presley - major depressive disorder study

Moderated by: Deborah Servetnick - cancer study and Psychedelic Integration Coach

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